In Time for Thanksgiving Travel Rush Building America’s Future Introduces Overhauled “I’m Stuck” App

BAF Unveils Significant Updates to the App at U.S. Travel Association Conference

Washington, D.C.—November 20, 2013 –Building America’s Future (BAF) Co-Chair and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell announced that going in to the holiday travel rush, BAF’s unique and innovative mobile app “I’m Stuck” has an entirely new look as well as new features.

Since the release of the app in July 2013, I’m Stuck has been downloaded nearly 11,000 times and users from all 50 states and the District of Columbia have sent nearly 3,500 e-mails to Congress demanding  action on a long term investment strategy. Based on user feedback, BAF overhauled the user interface and added new features. The latest version of the app includes options for sharing comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The new I’m Stuck also allows bicyclists to report issues to members of Congress.    

The I’m Stuck app is available for free download in the App Store and Android Marketplace and can be found on the website:

“The new I’m Stuck app is easier to use and has a whole new look.  In just three quick touches, users are able to send a message to their U.S. Representative or Senator that it is past time to fix our roads, bridges, airports and public transportation systems,” said Building America’s Future co-chair and former Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell. “With millions of Americans expected to take to the roads, rails and skies during the Thanksgiving and Christmas travel frenzy, travelers will need to pack their patience and make sure they download the app so they can let Congress know that the nation’s transportation network is in dire need of modernization. BAF also wants to remind users that they should not use the app while driving.”   

Gov. Rendell unveiled the updated version of I’m Stuck at the U.S. Travel Association conference, “Connecting America Through Travel.”

“America’s tourism and travel industry generates billions of dollars in revenue annually, helping to create good jobs and keep America globally competitive,” Gov. Rendell said at the conference. “Like many other industries, travel and tourism depend on strong infrastructure, and it is critical that we modernize and upgrade our transportation network in order to support our nation’s travel industry.”

The state of U.S. infrastructure continues to fall further behind other leading nations, robbing billions of dollars from the travel and tourism industry and impeding our ability to stay competitive in the global economy, Gov. Rendell told the conference.  According to the World Economic Forum, U.S. transportation infrastructure was ranked number one for economic competitiveness in 2005, and in just seven years, slipped to number 14. Additionally, the U.S. Travel Association reports that the travel and tourism industry lost $606 billion and 467,000 jobs in the last decade by failing to keep pace with the growth of global long-haul travel. America’s aging infrastructure and lack of capacity at essential entry points in the U.S. has a detrimental impact on the travel industry.



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