Gov. Ed Rendell Applauds President for Highlighting Importance of Infrastructure Investment

WASHINGTON, DC – President Barack Obama included infrastructure investment in the State of the Union speech tonight. 

“I applaud the President for advocating the importance of a 21st Century infrastructure because it is one of the most important bipartisan challenges facing us today,” said former Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA). “No one wants their families driving over deficient bridges or potholed streets. No one wants to slow down commerce with outdated ports, rail and airport systems. The president’s plan to invest the money we’re no longing spending at war on paying down the debt and nation-building right here at home is common-sense policy. Repairing and modernizing our nation’s infrastructure is an investment in economic prosperity and American jobs, as well as our collective safety and quality of life.”

Founded by former Governor Rendell, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, BAFEF is a bipartisan coalition of state-based elected officials and community leaders dedicated to promoting U.S. investment in infrastructure.  

BAFEF’s latest study, “Falling Apart and Falling Behind” (, details reform measures and a robust long-term infrastructure package that generates economic growth.

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