Building America’s Future Co-Chair Ed Rendell Applauds Wyoming’s Ten Cent Gas Tax Increase

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Building America’s Future Co-Chair and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell applauded the State of Wyoming’s enactment of a ten cent per gallon gas tax increase:

“It is going to take leadership at both the federal and state levels to identify funding solutions to make necessary repairs and upgrades to our deteriorating infrastructure.   Governor Matt Mead and the Wyoming Legislature have stepped up to the plate and have taken bold action to enact a solution that will provide revenue for safer roads, bridges and highways into the future,” said Ed Rendell, Building America’s Future Co-Chair and former Pennsylvania Governor. "I applaud Wyoming’s leaders for their commitment to investing in their state’s economic future by increasing Wyoming’s gas tax for the first time since 1998. I encourage other policymakers in the states and the federal government to take a hard look at the many available revenue options that will allow repairs and upgrades to our roads and bridges.”