BAF Urges Swift and Bipartisan Effort on Transportation Bill

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. House of Representatives approved another 90-day extension of surface transportation programs today making it possible to begin negotiations with the U.S. Senate on a new surface transportation bill. 

In response, Building America’s Future’s President Marcia Hale issued the following statement:

“We applaud the House for voting in a bipartisan way to pass legislation that will serve as a means to opening the door to a House-Senate conference committee. We urge the swift appointment of conferees so that the important work on crafting a final bill is completed as quickly as possible. The final bill should incorporate greater accountability and transparency; streamline the process so that projects are built on time, within budget; and provide flexibility to leverage federal, state and local funding with investments from the private sector is completed as quickly as possible. The final bill should eliminate the Senate bill’s provisions that would make it more difficult for states to partner with the private sector. In order to remain economically competitive in the 21st Century, the United States must have a modern and efficient transportation system. Now is the time for a concerted bipartisan effort to put us on the path forward.”

Building America’s Future Educational Fund recently released a new report – “Falling Apart and Falling Behind” – comparing the transportation infrastructure investments in the U.S. with those being made by our economic competitors. The report also includes a series of recommendations to policymakers; chief among them is to develop a national infrastructure strategy for the next decade that makes choices based on economics, not politics. For the full report and more information, please visit

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