BAF Praises U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Transportation Performance Index

Washington, DC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce today released its Transportation Performance Index, which measures how well our nation’s transportation systems are meeting the demands of the business community and correlating the results to measures of the U.S. economic performance.

In response, Marcia Hale, President of Building America’s Future ( issued the following statement:

“Building America’s Future believes that the next surface transportation bill must include an overhaul of current programs and move towards a performance-based system.  The Chamber’s Index clearly shows how the performance of our infrastructure – or lack thereof – impacts our nation’s economic competitiveness.  Results matter and we must invest more wisely in programs and projects that enhance our nation’s economic performance and positively impact our safety and quality of life.  Incorporating performance measures in the next surface transportation bill would be a major step towards reforming current programs. We urge Congress to do so and to move forward with a long-term transportation bill as soon as possible.”

Building America’s Future ( is a bipartisan and national organization dedicated to bringing about a new era of U.S. investment in infrastructure that enhances our nation’s prosperity and quality of life. Comprised of state and locally elected officials from around the nation, Building America’s Future seeks to advance a new national vision for infrastructure investment that focuses on economic growth and global competitiveness, job creation, and environmental sustainability.  

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