BAF Calls on U.S. House of Reps to Restore Mass Transit Funding

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. House Rules Committee is scheduled to consider amendments and the parameters of debate for the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012 (HR 7) at 5:00pmET today. Among other items, the bill makes detrimental changes to public transportation policy that date back thirty years. These changes will eliminate guaranteed funding for transit and make it impossible for transit systems to plan for the future and serve their constantly growing constituencies. Among the over 300 pending amendments at the Rules Committee are several bipartisan amendments that seek to restore guaranteed funding to transit.

In response former Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA), co-chair of Building America’s Future, issued the following statement:

“Tonight the Rules Committee has an opportunity to fix one of the biggest flaws in the House transportation bill by allowing amendments to restore guaranteed funding to transit. Whether it is by bus or by train, millions of our citizens rely on public transportation every day. Mobility in our nation’s most populated areas depends on transportation options to function effectively. Imagine Philadelphia or New York without a reliable transit system – congestion would rise to unfathomable levels impeding everything from moving people to moving goods. The nation’s business leaders understand this, which is why dozens of them have asked Congress to fix the transit provisions. It’s not too late to change this. Building America’s Future urges the Committee to allow the bipartisan amendments to restore guaranteed funding to transit.”

Building America’s Future Educational Fund (BAF-EF) recently released a new report – “Falling Apart and Falling Behind” – comparing the transportation infrastructure investments in the U.S. with those being made by our economic competitors.

The report includes a series of recommendations to policymakers; chief among them is to develop a national infrastructure strategy for the next decade that makes choices based on economics, not politics. For the full report and more information, please visit

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