BAF Applauds Water Infrastructure Report

WASHINGTON, DC – The American Water Works Association (AWWA) recently released a new report – “Buried No Longer: Confronting America’s Water Infrastructure Challenge” – that found America’s water infrastructure systems require over $1 trillion investment for repairs and expansion over the next 25 years.

In response, Marcia Hale, President of Building America’s Future released the following:

“From rising household water bills to leaking pipes, communities nationwide are facing the negative impacts of aging water infrastructure. The sad truth is that many do not pay attention to water infrastructure until a disaster occurs. Yet water is the invisible lifeblood of every community – without it we cannot thrive. This report does a great job explaining why we should care and actions needed to ensure safe and reliable water supplies. And as this report makes clear, waiting to repair and modernize our water systems will only increase the already enormous price tag. Postponing action is not a responsible option, and we urge policymakers to utilize the report’s findings to identify innovative financing solutions.”

View AWWA’s report online at

Building America’s Future Educational Fund (BAF-EF) recently released a new report – “Falling Apart and Falling Behind” – comparing the transportation infrastructure investments in the U.S. with those being made by our economic competitors. The report includes a series of recommendations to policymakers; chief among them is to develop a national infrastructure strategy for the next decade that makes choices based on economics, not politics. For the full report and more information, please visit

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