“I’m Stuck” Mobile App Approaches 10,000 Downloads while Congress Fails to Pass Transportation Bill

WASHINGTON, DC—August 6, 2013 – One week after its debut, Building America’s Future’s new mobile app, “I’m Stuck,” has been downloaded nearly 10,000 times and more than 1,000 messages have been sent to Members of Congress urging them to modernize America’s roads, rails, runways and transit systems.  “I’m Stuck” allows delayed commuters around the country to directly and immediately email their U.S. Representative and Senators to share their frustration.   “I’m Stuck” is designed to send a message to Congress that we need to start investing in our nation’s strained and deteriorating transportation networks. 

With “I’m Stuck” downloaded nearly 10,000 times, and users in 37 states and the District of Columbia, Americans have alerted their U.S. Representative and Senators of the wasted time and money spent stuck in traffic.  According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute Urban Mobility Report, the total financial cost of congestion on America’s roadways in 2011 was $121 billion or $818 per U.S. commuter. Users of “I’m Stuck” can choose from a menu that describes how they’re stuck: in a traffic jam, on a tarmac, on a subway, waiting for a train or a bus, or if they’re experiencing another kind of situation they can choose “other.” 

“Congress was unable to pass the 2014 transportation spending bill last week, and now they’ve gone on summer vacation,” said Edward Rendell, former Pennsylvania Governor and BAF Co-Chair.  “But their constituents across the country are using this app to tell them it is time to get serious about transportation funding.  It is time to get serious about repairing the 66,000 structurally deficient bridges in this country. It is time for action.” 

“The level of engagement with our new app is exciting,” said Marcia Hale, President of BAF.  “With over 1,000 messages sent to Members of Congress in just the last week, Congress cannot ignore our failing transportation system.  We need to end the partisan gridlock, pass a transportation bill and fix our bridges and roads.” 

The messages to Members of Congress are titled “I’m Stuck” and they call on Congress to take action and pass a long-term transportation bill to modernize our roads, rails, runways and transit systems.  All of the BAF generated messages end with the tag line: “It’s important. It’s your decision. It’s past time.” The “I’m Stuck” app is available for free download in app stores and can be found on the BAF website: http://www.action.bafuture.org/imstuck. It runs on both Android and Apple devices.