Building America's Future Educational Fund released a study on America's economic competitiveness as it relates to infrastructure.  The report can be found here on the BAF-EF website.


Investments in American infrastructure should not be criticized as simply more spending.  It is an investment in our economy and in jobs that put people to work so they can feed their families, pay their mortgages, and purchase goods that drive our economic engine.On an average day, some 43 million tons of goods valued at $29 billion move on the nation’s interconnected network of ports, roads, rails and inland waterways.  For every $1 billion in federal investment in transportation infrastructure, an estimated 27,800 to 34,800 jobs are created.  For every $1.00 invested in public water and sewer infrastructure services, approximately $8.97 is added to the national economy.Investments now will provide steady, high wage jobs which means more individuals paying taxes, buying goods, and reinvesting in America and less reliance on unemployment compensation and insurance.We must get America working again and infrastructure investments are one key way to accomplish this goal.

Infrastructure That Needs Investment